Unique Scholar Method

We understand each child is unique and has unique learning abilities and a preferred method of learning, we match our tutors based on the student needs and tutor expertise.

1 on 1 feedback is the key to success of each and every child in our program.

Our Mission – To provide a enriching after school program that provides a mix of academics and well rounded personality in a fun and creative learning environment.

Our Programs

Elementary Grades pkk to 5th

  • Math Masters
    Math from 1 to 100 and beyond Use of Math manipulative and real problem solving math tricks bases on money and real life situations. Working with and preparing for school tests and HOMEWORK help , feedback and communication with your school teachers .
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  • Langauge Arts Masters
    A to Z and beyond Language excellence in Grammar, Reading and Writing
    Reading workshops, essay competitions
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  • Robotics and Lego
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Middle School and High School Grades 6th thru 12th

At Scholar Academy, we are with your child for his or her entire academic journey from kindergarten through senior year of high school. Our unique approach to education is direct to your child, and lessons are tailored to your child’s learning style. With this strategy we guarantee each child’s success in reaching his or her goals.
We understand each child is unique and has unique learning abilities and method of learning.

Our qualified tutors are dedicated to your child’s learning process and will adjust the teaching methods in the curriculum to help your child understand and excel. Content and materials coincide with common core and state standards. Additional resources are used to customize the lessons for each student. Our home-work packets that the kids get are not standardized for every grade level rather customized and adjusted to the concepts that the individual student needs to work on and excel in.

  • Fun, relaxed, encouraging environment at our centers.
  • Never any repetitive work. No rote learning methods.
  • Customized lessons. Engaging teaching methods!
  • Access to apps and video games to practice and play.
  • One-on-one feedback between tutors and parents
  • Parent-Tutor involvement each step of the way
  • Monthly quizzes and reviews
  • Adherence to US standards of education, common core standards and Singapore math standards.
  • Flexibility of taking the lessons at our multiple centers with the tutor or online
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Proven Results!

My daughter Isha is very thrilled to have taken ACT prep course from Schoalr Academy.
Their tutors were very flexible with time scheduling as we las the practice tests and other material was challenging and adequate.
They paid attention to test taking skills, time management and steps to avoid the common mistakes kids do whole taking the test.

Ishas mom

Their tutors worked diligently to help improve our kids score in SSAT and PSAT exam.
The writing and reading skills improved, test taking tips were great as well as math section became very easy for the kids, thanks to all their staff.

Ganpathi family from Ladue High school 2015

Gunapati family

Scholar Academy has been providing free sessions to the students to help them prepare for MAP test and answer any questions they may have.

Schoalr Academy Families
Phone: 1.800.531.6843
Suite 205 12131 Dorset road
Northport building Maryland Heights 63043
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