Defining Education in todays world

Why parents get confused?

Why parents get confused?

In todays millenial world where the educated parents are bringing up their own kids, they are ready to debunk the values and commonly held notions their parents held about education.

It is correct to an extent where the parents in the previous generations were very harsh in some cases and memorization and repetition techniques of learning were a norm and the parents themselves were not very educated so they tend to go with what others around them were doing.

Yet the fact remains that in todays world also –

math is 1 + 2 = 3 and Language is still spoken and understood as A to Z , so within the given parameters of math, language, science, art, social studies and any other field the basic foundation of any subject has upheld for centuries but the method of learning and the need for retention of the vast data and facts in memory has reduced.

Their are electronic gadgets which are accessible to students and teachers to store information and be available when needed.

The new generation of parents today do not want their kids to put in as much hard work as they had to do at school and also succeed at the same time in constantly changing world

Fields of education and the careers that come out from that  itself has changed over the last 30 years so the parent of today is grappling with a lot of challenges himself and at the same time trying to define good education system for there own kids.


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